Multiple projects but one to do list

Hi All,

I am new to coda and my question might have been answered before. I tried to look around the forum without much success.

Let’s say I have project 1 and Project 2 and Project 3. All 3 projects are tables.

A) How do I aggregate all tasks to a page called tasks
B) Depending on who is viewing this. How I can only view the tasks of that user.

Hello @MrMkr ,


Well you have multiple options

  1. use an other view of the main table
  2. OR if you use an other table, use the lookup function by adding column 4 and then select lookup , it offers you an overview to existing tables you can select from

Related to users, yes that is possible, but a bit harder. Try this article from Maria on this matter when she talks about User() logic

best, christiaan