Could be simple...relating Active Tasks to a Project

Hi all,

New to Coda and had a scout around the Forum and reading posts and Code supplied resources.

Basically a Project is to have multiple Tasks assigned to various users. What I would like to do is on the Project list, to show the number and/or the names of the Active Tasks for that Project. So the user can see “Project 10 has still got inspectors to sign off and site to be cleaned up left to do”.

Second, I would like to be able to go to the Timeline for a single Project. Now I did have this half way going and then I broke it!

The overall principle is - user sees list of Projects - sees a Project with Active Tasks still to do - goes to a Timeline view to see ALL Tasks.

I am digging through some of the Coda videos as I write this but no luck just yet.

Any help or pointers to where this is explained or talked about are well appreciated!


Further - I will have a button in the Project table to open the Active Row to drill into detail but maybe I need another button to take the user to the selected Tasks for that Project. That may be the answer…?

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