Project Management - Dependencies

Hi makers! We’re working on making the project management and task dependencies features in Coda better, and want to hear from you. Use this form to tell us about the project management tools you’ve used and how you set up and managed task dependencies. Your feedback will help us design better ways of doing this in Coda.

Also, don’t forget to check the opt in button if you would like to be involved in any future beta for work we do in this space. We appreciate your input and look forward to hearing from you!


Hey Ramesh,
I’ve tried building project management tools with coda and it was challenging. I’m not sure how far you want to go with dependency tracking. for example, it’s simple for a project row to refer back to another project row (same table) to show a relationship. do you want to be able to indicate anything about the dependency: in vs out, start-start, start-finish, finish-start, finish-finish? do you want to be able to track dependency chains so that you can calculate critical paths?

when I tried building a dependency chain, there was much hackery to get the predecessors and successors.

let me know if you want to chat about all this.

btw: happy to hear that you are getting serious about it though.