Timeline Gantt dependencies

I’m thinking about using coda for timeline/Gantt planning.
Looking at the tutorial below, they seem to be using “dependencies” to mean “Parent Task->Child subtasks”. (confusingly, in the example Task 5 contains itself??).
In my understanding, a project dependency means : “We cant start Task 2 until Task 1 is complete”

Am I missing something??..if you skip to about 3mins, you’ll see what I mean.

Task Dependencies

There are many kinds of dependencies in project management: a task cannot start before another task, cannot start until another task is completed, cannot finish until another task is finished/ started, etc.

The beauty of Coda, is that you can set it up any way you want to, it is just going to be a little more complicated than the basic example Maria gave.

Have a look in the community and the gallery, there are numerous example of very detailed project management implementations.


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