Simple Gantt template with dependencies/manual date + delay management

Hi Coda Community !

I wanted to share with you guys a very simple template for people who have to manage project / task and who loves gantt & timeline views. This template is not complicated, but it is I think a good starting point for a structure with clean dependencies, manual start, delay from predecessor, etc… management.

This template does not aim to be as powerful as each people may wish, because, well, because each of you has specific needs :slight_smile: , but it is quite ready to use, and may be useful to quickly start a project when you want to draw a timeline in a few seconds during a meeting or so. Let’s say it allows to avoid the initial configuration :wink: This is how I use it in my daily work.

I’m aware it adds just a few features from the official template doc from coda, but if it can be useful to anyone

There is a little guide inside the doc.
Please let me know if there is any bug or so.


EDIT : I’ve also worked on a gantt structure without Coda official timeline, that allow to include % of progress visualy on the timeline, and also to interact with it with buttons, including emoji for status, etc… Please answer/dm if interested also