Workload Manager Template

Hi Coda Lovers !

As a project manager, daily leading a time and trying to manage the best as I can my team schedule, I’m currently developing a professional CODA template. Please check twitter (X) thread for detailed captions.

This template aims to let you :

  • Create hours/days on projects for your team : From a starting point considering availability, dispatching hours between start and end date, or even creating constant load on a given month, obvisouly considering week ends or holidays !

  • Create personal page for your team members, showing them, day by day, the project they are planned to, and how many hours they have to work. Let them enter the actual hours they spent each day on projects, to track the progression !

  • Have a very accurate overview of the near future, with nice UI (holidays, overload, underload, week ends) for each member of your team, and filter data for several time steps !

  • Summarize and aggregate data for each project, to check if budget is respected by assigning hourly rate to each member of your team… and of course, manage holidays for your team, to retrieve it automatically and consider it when you plan their calendar !

  • Give access to a wide rang of settings to customize the template

I’d take any suggestion, especially to implement truly-necessary-feature in that template, here in the forum or by the tally form (also for pre-registration)