Team tracking and project managing

Good day!

I’m interested in a flow by which I could track the work of teams.

First of all, I would like to have a table for employees in which it will automatically pull up:

  1. Their current projects
  2. Role on project
  3. Start/End project
  4. Their involvement (if they work for 4 hours, then it is 50%, and if 2 projects for 4 hours, then it is 100%).
  5. And for each employee, have his work calendar, in which it would be possible to indicate public holidays for the whole year and also be able to deliver days on vacation, sick leaves, etc.
  6. To show when employee get free. For example, if he has currently 2 projects, so need to choose the latest end date and then +1 day.

Also interested in the table on projects where information from the root pages will be possible to pull up into the rows.

What will be included in the list:

  1. Name of the project

  2. Start Date

  3. End date

  4. Team members

  5. Manager

It is very important to automate all these processes in order to simplify the tracking of resources. For example, if in the developer’s calendar where his load for the entire period is shown, change the end date of the project, then in the remaining tables the project dates should also shift.

I already looked at your templates but did not find everything that I need.

I will be extremely grateful for any info that can help me achieve the desired result.

Regards, Vitaliy

Hi @Vitalii_Simonov
Welcome to Coda Community :handshake:

This sounds pretty much as a whole project.
Is your goal to have it done it built it by someone or by yourself with the help of the community?

In the first case, you can ask for professional support directly here. Along with other skilled makers, I’m available to support you with that.

Otherwise it would help if you start build your doc and go with some more specific questions.

I hope this helps.

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Hi @Federico_Stefanato!
Thanks for quick response!

I’m already done with some of points, but I still need help with:

  1. How to pull up information about person from root page of project to all projects/people table.

Is it possible to do it with all projects? I mean, if I add all info in root pages of projects, then add some connections between every project and all project table?
Maybe you know some formula’s or other ways to do it?

  1. Work calendar. I have already seen calendar for project in templates, but is there any options for people only? I mean, when you click on needed person then in pop up window will show that calendar with his actual involvement days (current/past projects) and ability to mark days as sick leave, vacation etc.

  2. And also interested is there any ability to make that when you are watching work calendar of employee, and you want to edit end date of project for example from 01.01 to 10.01, then it will automatically pull up to all projects table and make changes in date of proect to 10.01?


Hi @Vitalii_Simonov,

I think that sharing your project would ease the understanding quite a lot.
I’d say that all of the questions you asked might have a solution, but it is very depending on the instance of your work.

Where are persons’ information stored?
In a table? In multiple tables? In the canvas?

This is an application altogether… I’m not sure I understood 100% but before thinking of a potential solution operational (“clicking”, “pop-up”, …) it would help to understand the use case.

This is certainly doable. But how it depends on the structure of your data models.

I have to repeat myself: the best thing would be to share you document and ask more specific questions.

Thank you!

Hi @Federico_Stefanato !
Sorry for the delay with communication!

Here are the tables people and projects, I would like to have a formula which would help me to auto count the remaining working days for each employee.

I have already found net working days formula:

NetWorkingDays(startDate, endDate, holidays)

But it didn’t cover all my needs, I want to be able to add vacations, sick days, etc., and have an auto-counted number of remaining workdays for each person.

Also, I want to have connections for end dates between developers and the project end dates.
For example:

In projects table Project 1 have end date on 3/4/2020, in the project working 2 developers( dev1, dev2).
In other table (people table) we have the ability to set start/end day manually. So, I want also to have the ability, when the developer is currently working on Project 1 set manually End date in people table on 4/4/2020 then it will automatically change the end date of this project in the projects table on 4/4/2020.
And if on the project are working 2 or more people, then choose the latest end date for these projects between developers.
And end dates of other developers should be the same as previously.

I would be extremely grateful if you could help me with it!