Weekly Roster Project Tracking

Hello - We are attempting to create a table that allows us to track the projects that over 100 people are on a weekly basis. Given that a person can switch a project each week, we are looking for a simple way to select the project each person is on each week. The roster also changes weekly with new hires. Has anyone had success building something like this?

Rows: People, Start Date, manager
Column Header: Week
Column Values: Drop Down Project Option

Dear @Michael_Bodker, welcome to the community! :handshake:

As your post doesn’t have a category, somehow nobody picked up your question “ask the community” would have been the appropriate choice.

Your question is quite general and obviously it is possible to be build.
Depending on details around how you want it to be set up, users interface, possibility to maintain and related subjects you can either decide to build it your self or find a consultant willing to build for you.

You might have a look around at the templates to see if something is in the direction you intent to get it, either write / draw a doc with more details. Think also about the roles / ability to edit the doc. The “100 people” will need to interact or only view the doc/app.

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