Project Tracking and Permissions

I’m creating a project/time tracker and want to allow anyone to enter a project in a list but then restrict who can see reports/analysis related to those projects [utilization, etc.].

Is best approach to move reports/analysis to a separate section and used the “Hide” function? Or is there a way to link data from one doc to another? Appreciate any advice!

On the Team Plan, you can use “Locking” on a per-section level to allow for different interactions for different sections. This would let you create a section with a table filtered to show the current User() projects only. So anyone visiting would only see the projects they added.

Then other sections could be more locked down and show reports.

If you want to split up docs, you can use Cross-doc, but I’d most likely push to get this into one doc to start.

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That’s a great idea - I’ll give the Locking approach a try. Thanks for the tip!

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