Design/Structure Question for Project Management System

I am creating a project tracker for my company and am having a hard time conceptualizing how to structure the system.

The easiest way is to have a single doc that has a page for each doc and subpages for each page (project). My concern is that over time there could be a significant amount of projects to store on one single doc (200+). Usability becomes an issue (speed of use, ability to find a particular project, etc).

Those issue led me to have one doc as a center dashboard that would show overall project status and a separate doc for each project. The issue is how to have those individual project docs sync with the main dashboard without manual entry (the group I work with won’t use the system and their be errors if its really manual).

I’ve looked Sync packs, but I am getting lost in how to set it up.

Any help envisioning how this would work would be MORE than appreciated.

Thank you in advance!


I’m not a Coda expert like several that regularly reply to this community. Still, I can help you with general best practices for structuring your data with performance & maintenance in mind. I’ve learned the hard way the past two years :crazy_face: I’ve adopted building docs as a fun hobby to help with process gaps within my 70-person organization.

The more specific the problem, the more helpful the community is. You’d likely want to start a shared doc and begin conversing with someone in this situation. I’m happy to hop on a call and share my experiences in hopes of helping your company!

It’s sometimes nice to chat with someone on or closer to your level rather than someone 3-4 steps ahead.

Send me an email if you’re interested in connecting

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Hi Brad,

Personally I like to keep everything in a single doc, as long as possible. There are two topics that force a new doc. One is confidentiality. Once somebody has access to a doc, they have access to all of the doc. The second topic is size. But I do not think that 200 pages in itself is going to cause performance problems.

As you point out, it is not trivial to collect data from several different docs.

Some questions - these sources of product documentation, would it be coda pages, or a different tool?
How much information are you looking at recording? Action items, or feedback summaries?

Please have a look at this video.

It is an explanation of a document I created 6 months ago for a Coda challenge in June.
It provides the following functionalities:

  • Managing projects in a searchable table
  • An accompanying to-do / action item list
  • Possibility to regularly update project status, while archiving prior updates.
  • you can use different project templates for different types of projects, if needed.

Have a look, see if there is something that triggers some ideas.


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