Generate "work load" view per team member?


Newbie here…
I’m trying to set up a project planner tool for us to use at our agency. I have gotten so far that I can easily create projects with different tasks and assign team members to these tasks, but what I do not know how to do is set up data / a view where I can see a team members project allocation over time.

In an ideal world, this would probably show what projects, per project and total allocation, for each team member on any given day. I’m open to suggestions though :smiley:

Here’s what I got so far:

Also, what’s up with that teeny tiny add row + sign in the gantt? :smiley:

No ideas?

If one could generate a one-row calendar for each team member, with project allocations per day, that ought to do it, but I don’t know how.

Or if one could, somehow, visualize each projects “timeline” and allocation for each team member?

@Stefan_Singer hey thanks for sharing the doc that really helps. Can you advise what do you mean by the ‘project allocations per day’? What are wanting as and result? An integer?

Yup, percentage. If you look at the team tab, you can see that each member can get assigned to a project task by x% allocation, then in the Project Tasks table, I use the sum for that to calculate the duration of the task.

OK a few things. Assignments should be in its own section, I wasn’t sure what that was referencing and its hiding below Team.

What table do you want this new value to be in? And what is the math (use your words to describe what you want to do and I’ll help with the formula) you want it to show? You have the curse of knowledge in terms of what a ‘load’ is and an ‘assignment’ etc.

I’m hearing you :slight_smile:

Load is workload. If you’re, on any given date, assigned to two projects, 50% assignment on both, your workload (load) is 100%.

This should maybe go in a new table, with a row per day and columns fetching assignments per user and total workload (sum of this days assignments) per user. Maybe something like that would work? Not sure how to visualize the data afterwards, but it could be a step in the right direction.

edit: moved assignments into own section

I’ve added a “workload lab” section and am actually making progress :slight_smile:

Shouldn’t Load be an attribute of each Task? Then you can see what tasks are assigned to each user and sum() the load of those tasks?

You mean in the actual tasks table? Then no.

One person can be full time assigned to task A and another at 40% on the same task A.

OK but how does Coda or anyone know how much each person has of each task?

It says so in the Assignments table :slight_smile:

@Stefan_Singer ok I think I understand. This what you’re looking for?

No, sorry, that does not give me any “per day” info, but I think I know how I could do it in the “workload lab” section. I’ll do some tests during the day (I just woke up, with new ideas!).

Could not get all the way, look at the Workload Lab section, I don’t know how map all team members, I’d need nested CurrentValues the way I’m trying to do it…

I’m still not clear on what you’re trying to get … You want ‘per day’ load? To be calculated and shown where?

Yes. In the workload labs table. But I might have a solution thanks to @Paul_Danyliuk now.

I’ve managed to generate the data now, in the Workload Lab section, using this formula:

Sequence(1, thisRow.Members.Count()).FormulaMap(

But I’d like to see a (stacked bar or area or whatever works) graph with the work load for each member over time, is that possible?

Hmm maybe make a control dropdown for member select + table with set dates and then have the table calc the figures you want for the selected member and then plot that?

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Thanks! The issues here being that there aren’t unique rows per member, I think I maybe have to generate the graphing table based on the workload table…