Can I use Calendar View to follow-up on workload per person, per day?

I’m struggling with this:

I would like to use the calendar view, to manage/calculate workflow:

  • Create an event dragging on the calendar. The event name would be the ‘Project Name’, I would add columns for: People and % of their time (e.g. Steven works on Project X from the 12th of January to the 17th, for 50% of his time).
  • In another view of this calendar/table, I would then like to calculate: the % load on each person for each date. So grouping per day, per person.

Is this possible the way I explain it, or am I asking too much? :slight_smile:

Thanks for helping me out!

Hi @Steven_De_Beukeleer1

Unfortunately, calendar view is not a good solutions, at least for now, in coda. I wont suggest to manipulate data directly inside a calendar view, because showing more than a few character is very complicated. Hopefull it will be improved quickly (and pleease, timeline as well)

Anyway, you can perform interesting stuff without that view. I played a little bit with your case, but feel free of course to make it your own

I set a quick project and people table
I create a few tasks in a Tasks database, with start/end date, and manual load (eg how many time in % you want people to work on a given project). You may see I created two time range : 12/1 to 12/11 and 12/12 to 12/19. In this table, just create rows with people, project to work one, start/end date and the load factor in %. You should have something like this.

But you want to display day by day the load factor for each people. Thus, I’ve got a date database, that will receive automatically from task data base each day between the range

In order to perform that, I created a master button that will :

  • clean all data from date database, in order to update it
  • Modify each “currentdate” data of tasks to put it to “start date” > that will be used to perform a ForEach loop in next phase
  • push an inline button for each row of tasks database, this will do a ForEach() loop from Start Date to End Date, and each time, add the current task name, load and people.

I’ll let you check my document for formula details : but at the end it allow you to get that view, and to update it from Tasks database every time you push the master button

Of course this is a quick example, have a look and tell me if you have any other ideas you want help with

Example with two date range and 2 projects

Here is the embed doc

Please let me know what you think



Hi Quentin,

This looks really good, and indeed very useful for my case! Thanks.

Maybe a small addition: it would be good to have a sum of the workload (per person/per day), and indicate where the sum is over 100%. A weekly sum would be even better!
But I guess that’s quite a difficult one, isn’t it?


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Not that complicated @Steven_De_Beukeleer1

Here an example for daily summarize

I created a new table with Date, People and Total Load

We want to auto fill date and people, according to the existing Date Table

So I set start/end date to configure your summarize

And also an inline button for each people. Click on it will create a row for each date between start/end with the name of current people in it


And then, use a master button to activate each inline button

By clicking this button, you will have a nice report like this. I put it directly in the shared doc. Then just using conditionnal formating if TotalLoadBar is greater than 100


You can have a look and try to play with it. Tell me if you cant reach weekly summarize. It’s quite the same.



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