How to do weekly/daily planner

Let me get straight…im moving from notion to coda but i feel coda is lacking very basic calendar views that are normal… i can’t drag and drop to calender. Like tasks without date are not shown in calendar view and i can’t find a way to get them to the calendar in the calendar view… anyway …

Can i do something like this?? I hope it is possible
A page with 2 views of tasks database … one is daily view which is simple but there is action button to move the task based on a select calendar … the 2nd view is weekly kanban view where i can drag and drop between days and the days update automatically and i can show this (selection) into calendar view … so the date is legit and work in all other views not just select with limited amount of days…

Hi Salem

Short answer: Yes, you definitely can do something like this.

But be prepared for things to work differently in Coda compared to Notion. (I am also ex-Notion).

My sincere advice is to start playing with the Coda functionalities - task list in table view, calendar view, timeline view, kanban view etc etc, and then see which approach(es) gives you the best answer to your requirement.

EVERY SINGLE task list example that I have seen implemented in Coda is completely different.


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