Grid view of cards, or a way to be able to drag between 2 instances of a card view? Trying to build a drag & drop task planner

I’m trying to make myself a main dashboard where I have a drag and drop interface for my daily task planning. Essentially I want a group of unscheduled tasks, and then the following groups that I’d like to be able to drag into: Today, tomorrow, this week, next week, backburner. Ideally I would like to have it set up so there’s no side-scrolling required, and everything can be viewed at a glance. Also ideally the available tasks would be in one long column on the side, while the other groups would be in a block. I understand however, that in Coda it is only possible to drag and drop within a card view, and not between them. So wondering if anyone knows of any work arounds to either have a card view display in a grid view of 2 rows, and if there are other modules that you can drag into? Ie, if I could make a button called ‘Today’ that I could drag task into, or something along those lines? Open to creative solutions.

For reference, here’s how I had it set up in Notion. I’d more or less like to replicate it. Was pretty happy with the layout, but not the actual usage of the dragging in Notion (Dragging and dropping was really awkward and buggy):

Hey there! Here’s a quick example I threw together based on what I could see in your screenshot, along with your description. It’s not 100% exactly what you had built in Notion, but hopefully it helps some. Also wanted to share this resource with you as you move over from Notion:

Thanks, I appreciate this. I can’t figure out how to drag the tasks between the lists though, aside from within the actual views?
For the setup to be functional for me I need to be able to drag between all the sections. Which is why I was wondering if it’s possible to put the card view into a grid, because it seems that you can’t actually drag between different views in the way that you can with Notion.

Essentially, items in my task list are filtered to only show unscheduled tasks, and so I drag them from the task list and drop them into either the today/tomorrow lists which assign the tasks to the specific dates, or to the this week/next week etc list which are more like fuzzy labels. Dragging the items onto a differently filtered view automatically updates any parameters to the parameters the new view is filtered by. This is one thing that I’m now finding that only Notion does, and is incredibly powerful with the potential to be used for many use cases. (Frustrating because I want to move away from Notion and it’s buggy top-level UI which never seems to get properly resolved)

The drag and drop functionality is really important to me for the way my brain works, I can’t handle having to manually adjust labels in columns and invariably stop using any productivity app that requires that kind of interaction to be able to schedule. Being able to update several parameters simultaneously though this kind of drag and drop setup is really time-saving and intuitive.

Any idea if there is a plan to add dragging between views in future updates? It’s a bit of a dealbreaker for me tbh. Frustrating because so far Coda is almost perfect for what I want to do with it, but that one feature is so vital for me.

Edit: I’ve been thinking about ways to be able to work around this limitation, and wondering if it’s possible to apply filters that apply only to certain subgroups within a board view? Ie, if I had a board view that included the available tasks as a group, as well as the today, tomorrow, this week, next week etc groups, is there a way I could filter the available tasks to show unscheduled tasks, while having today and tomorrow independent of that filter? But then the ‘this week’ style of groups would have to be filtered by a separate, non-date filter, (in Notion I used a picker status group for this), and specifically filtered to not show unscheduled, today and tomorrow tasks. Can filters formulas be used for this kind of purpose, and result in only filtering certain parameters in certain groups and not in others?

Hey @Modern_Entities,

Great questions. We can certinaly take down your idea for a feature request for the grid, but I think there may be another way to do what you are looking for.

As you shared in your edit you can set up the grouping to help define the space, which will help greatly.

I would look at making sure your canvas if set to wide and full, so you are using the most amount of space in the doc, first.

Then take your table and create the two groups. on on the left, for time (today, tomorrow, next week, etc.) and then group on the top by status. This should give you a matrix like effect and keep it all within one table.

The other idea I had when reading your note was that you could put next month as a button, that just filters the row out until a specific date from the date you hit that button hiding it from the matrix until that new date pops up. I don’t know if buttons are a viable option for what you are trying to achieve, but I thought I would toss that out there as well.

Either way, let us know about the feature request :smile:

All my best,

Thanks Dan, interesting ideas! I wasn’t aware you could use buttons to filter tables, so I’ll definitely look into that, sounds like it could be a way forward.

A couple of questions about the matrix idea:

  • I’m not 100% sure how I’d go about filtering for time, given that it’s working with a variety of units (days, weeks, and months). I also don’t want the items in the week and month groups to show up in any calendar views, as I don’t consider those actually scheduled, more like loosely preselected as options for me to more precisely schedule the week of.
  • how would I be able to include a list of unscheduled tasks to drag from in this?

I’ll lodge a feature request via the suggestion box.

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