Card drag/drop not working with cross-doc table view

I am unable to drag/drop the cards from cross-doc table view.
If i go to the source doc, I can do the same.

For example:
I have ‘All tasks’ table in doc1 where i store all the tasks that are being created.
Then i created a view in the same doc1, called ‘Sales doc1 view’ which will show the tasks created by user logged in (who are sales folks), they are also able to create new task.

I do not want the sales folks to see any of the other tables/pages creates in my doc1, so i created cross-doc table for ‘Sales doc1 view’ view into new doc doc2 with the name ‘Sales doc2 view’ . And i’m sharing that ‘Sales doc2 View’ as Cards to the sales folks.

When they access it, everything works fine. Only problem is that they are unable to drag/drop the card to different status group (‘In Progress/Completed/Hold’). They have to open the indivitual task and set the task status column manually.

Is this known issue?

Thanks for reaching out to let us know about this issue. This sounds like it might be a bug based on the information you’ve provided. That said, I would recommend reaching out to the Coda Support team by clicking the ? in the bottom right corner of your Coda screen and submitting a bug report with this information. I have also moved your post into the Suggestion Box: Bugs section of the Community.

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