Cross-doc add row action not working for files

A table from doc A adds a new row on a table in doc B and copies the data across when a button is pushed in doc A. This is all working fine however, now, the attachment (receipt) is no longer pushed into the table on doc B. All of the other columns are still being pushed through. This was tested and working but seems to have stopped late last year, is anybody having the same issue?

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I can confirm CrossDoc fails to transfer some additional information:

  • Swedish letters such as å, ä, ö
  • Styled text with the hidden _Color() formula
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Thanks for confirming! Do you know if there is a fix or work around?

Not that I’m aware, haven’t really looked though. It’s possible the pro version of Merge Table Pack is better

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Dang that sucks. Another reason why America is number one :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:



Have you tried adding a link to the attachment? (Coda uploads the file to AWS I think. So technically the file lives somewhere on the cloud)

This can be done with a calculated column that references the file column’s hyperlink.

I don’t know the exact implementation though

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