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I’ve been having some success with using Cross-Doc actions. Very powerful!

I have a question about using the Cross-Doc Add Row function. So I have table T in a doc 1. I then cross doc table X into my new doc 2. The new doc wants to add a row to X (and by extension T). The way to do this seems to be using the Add Row Function.

So Doc 2 does ‘Add Row’ via Cross-Doc to table T. Now the user in Doc 2 has ‘created the row’ in T, and that’s their expectation, but it won’t show? because table X has not synced back with T.

So it is now incumbent on the user to sync to get the table to reflect the new reality they created? Does this make sense?

Ideally, I think, the user adds the row to table T and it immediately adds it to X simultaneously without a full sync. Maybe this only occurs if table T is crossdoc’d in, as I could scenarios where you push a button to add a cross-doc row and that table isn’t in the doc where the button exists.

This is working as intended and there will be a delay. This will also require that the user re-syncs the table to see it.

The two tables aren’t synced in a consistent fashion, it’s more that your table X is downloading all the data from table T each time you “sync” the table. They aren’t talking back and forth regularly, it’s just pulling in the data when prompted.

The delay you see has to do with when the snapshot takes for the doc.

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@BenLee thanks for clarifying. I figured it was the intended function - I needed to get it out of my head and acknowledgement so I can continue using the functionality. I think the ‘delta’ here would be full two-way sync. CrossDoc actions are a great feature until 2way comes. Thanks!

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@BenLee is right, the added row will only be synced back during the next sync. And even if you manually force the sync right away, it may still not pick up the new row because there’s no guarantee that the row has been already saved to the doc snapshot or not.

However, there is one thing that you can do (albeit in a hacky fashion). You can add an action after your Crossdoc::AddRow that will trigger the sync, without having to wait for under 1 hour or asking the user to sync the table themselves. Because it’s dependent on Automation bot and works with a delay, this could actually be sufficient to wait until that added row is actually already in the snapshot. You can give it a try and tell me if that works:

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For those following along; I was able to implement the above pro-hack, and after shallow testing I can report that it does function as desired ; activating a crossdoc addrow action button that is paired with the above pro-hack adds the row back to the source table and then initiates a sync which brings said added row in through the sync. This is a huge step closer to two-way sync ! :pray: