Cross doc new column sync

I’ve noticed that creating a new column in a synced cross-doc table does not make that new column available in the host doc. It would be nice to have that new column at least sync to the host doc as hidden so that we could have the option to make it visible and/or reference it in other places in the host doc. The current workaround is deleting the synced table from the host doc and then re-adding the synced table again.

I know I’m complaining about awesome new functionality, so please — go easy on me. :wink:

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I also came here looking for a solution to syncing new columns, but since it’s not available yet, will use the workaround of deleting and re-adding for now. And yep, cross-doc is really awesome and puts Coda miles ahead of its competitors.

I haven’t checked, but I have a feeling that once you sync the table after you’ve added a column, you’ll have it in the Row object. And all you’d have to do is add a column in your cross-doc table yourself, and then write a formula for that to be Row.[Added column name].

This is a good idea. Would be significantly faster than deleting and resyncing the table. Will test and report back.

With Paul’s reply below, don’t forget to re-sync your table after you’ve added the new column to the original table. It won’t know it’s there if it’s not updated.