Need help urgently - cross doc won't sync some of my columns?

Cross-doc is not syncing over several columns. They’re not new columns. They’re not hidden in the source doc. Some are formulas, some are text, some are lookups. Why might this be happening and how do I resolve?

Columns that aren’t syncing:

State - Text - column does not even show in the doc
Notes from HR - formula, text - column does not even show in the doc
Sample meeting script - Formula, text - column shows but no values
Agenda - Formula, text - column does not even show in the doc

Additionally, there are columns syncing that ARE hidden in the source doc.

I should note, I’m trying to sync a specific view of a table - I have a master table and several detail views set up from it.

Does cross-doc not allow sync of views, and if you try, it just basically takes the master table view, filtered by whatever you have it filtered by for the view???

I believe Cross Doc actually syncs a View and not the original table with all columns

Therefore I would set up a view just for the cross doc push, along with making sure all the columns are there

Not sure about this 100%, maybe someone else can confirm

Regarding the issues, I haven’t seen that before and would advise to reinstall the cross doc pack again with a different auth account (every time you install the pack they will ask you to use whichever account)

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