Possible bug related with Crossdoc

Let’s say that I have two coda docs crossdoc’ed or whatever the proper adjective is.

First one, the source. three tables

table 1 has two lookups, one from table 2 and the other from table 3

table 2 has 1 lookup from table 3, but with a formula determined by table 1:

[Table 1].Lookup([Column 2], thisRow).[Column 3]

Now, the 2nd document has three crossdoc connections, one from each table of doc 1

What I don’t understand is that, while doc 1 works flawlessly, like so:

doc 2 has a weird absence: table 2 looked up column, connected with doc 1, shows this

four dots(?) instead of table2.column2 content, and a Message:


My best blind shot is that table 2 should be sync’ed with both table 2 and table 3 in order to make column 2 correctly crossdoc’ed

Am I right?

Is there any solution for the problem?

Thanks in advance