Cross Doc Error Message for Lookup column: This table does not exist in your doc

Hi Codans! Would love to hear if anyone has thoughts on this issue. I’ll do my best to explain as simply as possible.

Table A is a list of information (just one column) inside of my Doc A.
Table A is cross doc’d into Doc B.
In Doc B, I have Table B that is connected to Table A via the Lookup column type.
Now, I am cross doc’ing Table B into Doc A.
In Doc A, my Lookup column in Table B, which is looking up Table A, says the error message “Table not found. This table does not exist in your doc. Please sync the table this reference points to.”

Any thoughts on why this is happening? If I can’t find a solution, I can move Table B into Doc A but that will affect my coworkers significantly so I’d rather not do that unless I absolutely have to.

Thanks everyone!

Hi Reiley,

If I understand the situation correctly, your lookup in Doc B Table B, looks up to Doc B table A.

When you cross-doc Table B to Doc A, You now have in Doc A a Table B, and with a look up to Doc B Table A. Which does not exist in Doc A. Coda will not map/ translate the references Doc B table A and Doc A Table A.

And doing that translation could be error prone. In your circular reference, it seems logical that the two table A’s are the same thing. But it s not a safe assumption for Coda to make in all circumstances.


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Thanks for confirming this is not possible. :slight_smile: I’ll start working on my plan B! I hope you have a good day!

The plan B, I guess, is waiting for my upcoming Sync Tables Pro pack? :wink:

I’m solving for this in my pack.


I searched for your posts on this, but then I got sidetracked…

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