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So, I want to know if it’s possible to lookup tables from other docs, that’s just it


Hi @Pedro_Miguel_Rocha_Silveira,

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No it’s not (yet) possible to lookup a table in another doc. :cry:

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Thanks for answering! I guess I’ll just wait for the feature then

Hoping for this feature too :wink:

Hey ! No news on this ?
Thanks :slight_smile:

Upvoting here, can we get confirmation from the Coda team that this on the roadmap, and whether there’s any ETA? Thank you!

Yea I agree, Any Help is helpful

@Admc3rbru5_Hackerone @Omar_ElNaggar there is Cross-doc feature now — it allows you to import a table from any other doc that you have read and/or write access to. If that table is changed in that other doc, you can refresh it in your doc.

In free tier, you can sync up to 100 rows, manually
In pro tier, you can sync up to 10000 rows and automatically (IIRC each hour max)
In team tier, you can also push changes from your doc to that other doc’s table. Officially it’s just pushing buttons for now, but there are already functions to add, modify, and delete rows in remote table.

You can import the whole table or a filtered view.

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This is better than nothing but a little cumbersome compared to being able to lookup any table from any doc.

Would love this feature!

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Hi @Pedro_Miguel_Rocha_Silveira This is a great idea! @Paul_Danyliuk is correct you can use the Cross-Doc feature to see other tables, but your idea of looking up tables is a great idea! If you would like to add this to the Suggestion Box that will let our teams know you would like to see something like this! Happy Making!