How to lookup a table in a document in another folder?

I have setup several private folders with docs inside of each one. I’d like to conduct a lookup from one folder/doc to another folder/doc of a table. Is this possible? If so, what is the formula structure to do this?

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You cannot use the Coda Formula Language to access information in a other doc, regardless of the folder it is in. The exception is to make use of Cross doc functionality.

Question if I may - Why the structure that you have?

I typically find that people split docs too easily, and they split tables too easily. If you share, hopefully the community can come up with an approach to fulfill the underlying need.

Rambling Pete

Hello Coda Community, hi Pete :wave:
I find myself in a situation similar to Nick’s and I’ll tell you why I divided the folder into different documents.

I am adapting Coda as a SAT technical service.
(i’m in a Team Plan)

The idea is to have a master table of incidents (on a specific page of the document for it) and a view of this table filtered by client on his specific page of the client (which is also shared with him)

Data entry will be done from the table view of the client in the client page and this new information will be synchronized with the master table, nourishing it and helping to create a knowledge database with dozens of incidents that help technicians to have at hand a lot of added information.

This is the process I have designed

  1. First of all I have created the master database on a page in the “clients” folder.

  2. Then, I want to create a view of this table in each of the documents of each filtered client to view and record the incidents of each specific client in their own document (shared with him).

The problem is that I can’t create an editable view of the master customer table.

:x: If I use the /table > view command, the master table does not appear because it is in another document in the same folder.

:x: If I use “cross-docs” I can see the table in the client document but I can’t edit or add information to the master database.

:x: If I create each customer file on a page of the same document, I can’t share their page with the customer without them seeing the other customers’ (with the privacy issue that this entails)

Is there any option that can help me achieve my goal?
Thanks in advance :raised_hands:


hi @Marcel_Ricart

in this blog I describe an alternative to cross docs with a few advantages, you may have a look to see if this webhook based logic (pack is free) will help you out. The main thing is to set your filters correct per target doc, but that should not be the most difficult thing to do.

design your structure well and you are could be set

cheers, christiaan

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Thanks Christiaan, :heart:
I’ll take a look and tell you

Thanks Christiaan! I was planning to ask you to comment.

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