Cross Doc Limited View doesn't work/is empty

Trying to share a restricted view using cross-doc syncing seemed to work alright when I tried it a few weeks ago, but now it never works for my larger filtered source table:

Having any cross-doc support at all is a huge win, but it feels like there are still a lot of contortions to try and get them to work sometimes

Haha - I also am not a huge fan of cross-doc.

But alas - Can you share the filters/a screenshot of the filters on the source table from which that table is syncing?

Sure – it is filtered down to about 10 rows from a larger source table:


The weird thing is, a few weeks ago I set up a very similar cross-doc synced view based on the same table, and it was working fine. Then I hit the refresh button, and it only updated to a single row.

Other synced tables seem more or less fine, it is just this view.

I think I found the underlying issue. Formulas depending on unsynced tables just don’t work, so my attempt to filter one table by another unsynced table failed silently. This is super confusing given that the synced view itself is properly restricted.

The inner workings of this feature are pretty counter-intuitive. I would have expected it to act as a materialized view on the cells and rows without any deeper access necessary. It is also strange to me that the underlying API IAM seems to be single-table specific and that there’s copy implying creating new tokens opens up access to everyone in the doc – that copy should probably be way more detailed.

Anyhow, I guess I’ll just find some kind of workaround, like decoupling some of the directed views or creating an automation-based pseudo-view or something.

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