Turn source table for cross-doc into a different view

Hi folks,

I can’t work out whether there is a super simple solution to this or I’ve actually backed myself into a hole.

I’ve created a fairly complicated doc (one of my first), which is all working well except I feel I’ve made a mistake in the data structure that will make scaling it a pain. I’m using Cross-Doc to pull data in the ‘People’ table from another doc. I’ve made the source for that ‘People’ table the base table view, but it would now make more sense if it was a view of that base table.

Is there a way of changing the source table for Cross-Doc to a view instead of the base table?

In other words, is there a way of me making the source for this Cross-Doc synced table have filter that doesn’t apply to all subsequent syncs of the same table in new docs?

I feel like copying, pasting and resyncing should be simple but will it always require me to rebuild references on the ‘front end’?

On the flipside, of course I can just create new views from this source view but the structure in the doc map will always be strange and will take explaining to anyone coming at it from scratch (or me after a long time!)

Many thanks!