Cross-doc does not detect new columns

I have a source doc containing a table and a target doc in which that table is imported via cross-doc. my issue at the moment is that I have added a new column to the table in the source doc, but that column does not appear in the table in the target doc. I am unable to add it via Add column -> Row -> ColumnName. if I try that I get the error Cannot find reference ColumnName in Row

in the cross doc setting I do have “ADD NEWLY FOUND COLUMNS” checked on.

Hello @MBB!
There could be a couple of reasons for it. First make sure you are syncing the table after you make the changes, it may take a couple of tries because it can take up to a couple of minutes until the changes are updated to the server.
If you are still not seeing any change it could be that the column you’re adding is hidden in the table you used for syncing. A Cross-Doc table syncs with the specific view of the table you selected, if you add a column in another view but you don’t add it in the view you used to sync it, it won’t show in your Cross-Doc table.

You can read more about Cross-Doc here

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thanks! @Saul_Garcia it turns out one of my two columns was hidden and the other was a button

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