Cross Doc Sync'd Time

When we use the formula → refreshtable(), I would like to have a result column or some output of that formula which would give me a status “syncing complete” or better still "syncing completed at … "
Right now this information does come across in a cross doc at the top of the table (Table last updated from the source doc “X” mins ago.
My use case is that I have a lot of cross docs sharing information from one document to another. I will for example have a “create_purchase_request” table in one document A and then I have a table “create_new_product” in another document B (where the create_new_product is corss doc’d into document A). When I create a new row in the “create_new_product” table, I need that to sync over to Doc A. I am using a button (Create_New_Purchase_Request) with runactions such that it adds a row to the create_purchase_request table and does refreshtable(create_new_product).

Now the issue is that the synchronization will keep happening in the background, meanwhile my user has a new row open and presented to him to create the purchase request. What will happen is that if a new product was priorly created, he will not have access to the newly created product for a bit till the synchronization is complete. So, I wanted to have a solution to somehow delay the creation of the new row and it’s activation till the cross doc sync is complete

From a different perspective: why do you have such closely related information in separate docs?

If you had everything in one doc, this question becomes obsolete.

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Hi! Thanks for your query. So, while I understand that one should move away from Coda when you start getting into enterprise data level, it is still uneconomical for me to build out an enterprise level application for my company. So I have been using coda and hacking my way around. We have our procurement processes, vendors, payments and all kinds of other data.
Originally (and the current working version) has all the data in a single doc. That is working beautifully as far as the functionality is concerned. But with the influx of data from my employees in things like purchase requests, quotations on those purchase requests, quotation rates, purchase orders, payments, invoices, etc. the doc’s performance has gone for a toss.
So I decided to separate out the modules and start thinking in terms of microservices architecture and try to implement that on Coda.
But now I am running into severe limitations with the cross-doc functionalities. For example, there doesn’t seem a way to:

  • set control values across documents…
  • open modal views on button clicks across documents
  • use row references across documents → tables easily…even the system row ids don’t match for the cross doc tables…

So well, yeah wanted to start this conversation with some of the community’s superstars!

Thanks for the detailed response.

Does sound like you’re pushing the envelope though. I am going to be stuck on mobile for a while, so this is of the top of my head:

Coda just released phase 3a of their sync pages project. That might help you in some ways. If you have a master doc, you can sync part of the doc to another doc. Because the destination doc only loads the information synced to it, it should be quicker.

You can then create destination docs for say purchasing department, and another for product matter data.

This is brand new, and I have not used it a lot, but it seemed as if the syncing was quite fast.