Is there a way to manually refresh the cross-doc table on the iOS app?

I was wondering is there a way to refresh the cross-doc table in the app?

I encountered a problem, where I need to get the data within the app, but I found no button to refresh it. In the workflow there is no ability to use a laptop.

Maybe there is some-kind of an action that I could attach to a button that would refresh the cross-doc table?

Found this option in-case anyone is looking to do the same:

Hi @Rokas_Jurkenas,

I wouldn’t recommend this work around. It was not included as an option on purpose and may be removed at any time.

Will there be an alternative provided before it is removed?

This isn’t an intended use of syncing, so there isn’t an alternative.

Understood @BenLee. The difficulty I have with that, though, is that any docs that share information and are used “in real time” would require more than “hourly” automatic syncs. In fact, you typically want the sync to happen as soon as a change is made in the base table.

Can Coda’s “realm of intention” be expanded to support this kind of use case?

This version of cross-doc wasn’t built for instant syncing. I can understand wanting it for sure, and I’m not saying that you don’t want it, I’m just saying that currently its not a possibility and not how it’s built. If you need absolute “up to the second” updates, I’d look at keeping that table in the same doc you’re regularly using.

Just like all things in Coda we’re looking to constantly improve it, but these changes don’t happen overnight.

Understood - thanks @BenLee.

To help build out the use case… keeping the table local isn’t a great option at the moment because you can’t “hide” it to keep sensitive information away from the Doc User’s view. Using crossdoc and only syncing what you need is the best approach I’ve found thus far.

Thanks again Ben.

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Hi Ben,

Is there maybe a way to refresh it manually in-app? A that’s available on the web app? I’m referring to this button:

Screenshot 2020-06-25 at 14.00.21