Is there a way to create button to sync cross-doc?

Hello, i’m looking for a formula for a button to sync cross-doc manually. Is there any way to do it?

I’d like to know this too.

There’s unfortunately no way to force sync through a button. There used to be a hack for it but they shut it down.

If you need to request a parcel of data and not necessarily sync the whole table there’s a smart trick:

  • in your request doc, run a cross-doc action that clicks a button in your remote doc
  • in your remote doc, set up the button to remotely addrow/modifyrow in your request doc with a requested piece of data.

Takes a minute or so to deliver the parcel this way.

Waiting for syncs is what kills cross doc. I wish it was more of an embedded doc where it’s synced in real time.

Hello @Paul_Danyliuk , thanks for your info.
May i ask why they shut down the trick to sync? is there a problem?

and in the future , will cross doc be real-time?

No idea why they shut it down but I think they did so to prevent abuse. Server costs, congestion and all.

I don’t think Crossdoc will be real time in any foreseeable future. Maybe someday we’ll be able to set up real-time messaging through some other mechanism but not Crossdoc.

To learn more why it works the way it works please watch my lecture on it

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