Cross Doc Issue: "Not synced yet", and seemingly no way to sync

Hi, I am having an issue with cross doc and I can’t find any record of other people having the same issue online so I am at a loss as to how to fix it.

We have a coda doc that we have created as a copy from an template doc. We do this very frequently. As of yesterday, all new docs created are not able to be synced with the cross doc tables. It is showing the message in the screenshot attached.

I’m also sharing a loom here with more explanation. Any help troubleshooting this would be greatly appreciated!

Hello @Zach_Clenaghan.
I can confirm I experienced the same problem after copying a doc. Definitely seems like a bug
In my case, I found a workaround. Not sure if it is a fix or just a coincidence.
I created a button to force a new sync for the table using the RefreshTable()formula.

Hi @Martin_Portevin. I also contacted Coda Support and they confirmed it’s a bug, and it’s also now fixed. All tables that weren’t working are working now.

Thanks for the tip about RefreshTable() though!

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