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I was hoping to use the cross doc functionality, but it looks like it doesn’t carry over files. Has anyone found a good work around for this?


Hi @Samuel_Langford ,

You can use a webhook (and the free pack supporting it) to push data tot a target doc. It supports one image (Url) or one attachment per column, not multiple.

The easiest set up is using a button in your table and having it pushed by an automation on change.

Enjoy, Cheers, Christiaan

Hi Christiaan,

Thanks so much for the response. I’m messing around with the pack right now and it seems to be working as expected, thanks so much!

Question about column order. Does the order of the columns only matter on the origin table? Or if I have a bunch of views will that mess things up? Is there a way to sync them via column name instead of column position?

Thanks again, this is super helpful!

hi @Samuel_Langford,

The only order you have to align with is the order in your webhook. the visual order of the table, nor the spelling of the column names does not effect the set -up. I considered these two elements crucial when building this pack.

Below you see the order is key, cb_Celete, firstName, etc. This one has to be respected and only this one.



Oh oh oh I see. That’s genius.

Thank you!

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