Cannot move a card to empty column in Cards mode

Hello there,

Today I discovered something that seems to be a bug : In Cards view, we cannot move a card to an empty column (anymore ?). Only already populated columns seem to accept cards.


Note : It is not possible even when trying “above” or “under” the “New card” zone.

Is that a regression ? I think I was able to do that in the past :thinking:


Actually, I see another regression that looks similar :

Drag and dropping a table in the “New page” button (in the doc pages menu) also fails to create a new page with the table inside.


I experience the same behavior. Also tried clearing cache, cookies and restart Chrome browser. Drag and drop into empty columns is not possible anymore.

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It seems those issues are solved now. Thank you !
(Note : If Coda team use those topics to solve bugs, it would nice to notify us of the results :wink:)