Anyone else: Empty Cards?

Hey there,

I experience since yesterday in the evening a strange behavior on card views.
The cards appear empty, but the data are there. Also, if I click on a card (1) for a detail view, the correct row opens.
If I close the detail view, the previous clicked card (1) is no more empty, but all other cards appear still empty. If I click then on another (empty) card (2), card (1) appears empty again.
I experience this behavior in Chrome and Edge.
And: I have two coda accounts - for business use and my personal use. This behavior appears in both accounts with totally different data.
Is there anyone else with this strange behavior?

Same thing on my side

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I just tried and I can also reproduce on Chrome 112+ :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Subtables displayed as cards within the detail layout of an expanded row appears empty…

It still works in tables displayed as a detail layout containing subtables displayed as cards (i.e.: not in an expanded row) :thinking:

If you haven’t done so already @Foerster_Matthias and @Martin_Portevin, I can only suggest you to contact the amazing Coda Support through Intercom by :

  1. Clicking on the question mark (?) you should find at the bottom right of your screen when you’re in a doc or your workspace
  2. Clicking on Contact support which should be at the bottom of the menu
  3. Locating the Send us a message and click on it :blush:

Thank you both @Pch and @Martin_Portevin for checking out. Happy to know, that I’m not alone. There are always doubts, if I made something wrong.
I have contacted yesterday in the evening the Coda support already with a bug message. I have received an automated answer message (until now). I hope, they will dive deeper today in the problem.


Hi @Foerster_Matthias, this bug should now be fixed— let us know if you’re still seeing this issue!

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Hi @EvanBrooks , I can confirm, that the bug is fixed. Thanks for your fast response and the fast bugxfix.

I know that feeling a little bit too well :sweat_smile: :innocent: !

I can also confirm that this bug has been fixed :raised_hands: !

Thank you so very much :grin: !

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