Card detail views are from a different table when viewing the mobile version of a doc

Edit: I originally thought this was a regular vs published issue, but it’s a desktop vs mobile issue

I have a doc showing multiple views of a base table, all of them in card view. Let’s call our tables:

Base Table - 10 items
View 1 - View of Base Table, filtered to 5 items
View 2 - View of Base Table, filtered to 3 items

Clicking anywhere on a card brings up a detail popup (equivalent of expand row).

When viewing the document on desktop, clicking one of the cards in View 1 expands a row from that table (at the top it says “Row from View 1”, and the pagination controls at the bottom say “1 of 5”). Great.

When viewing the doc on mobile (whether browser or iOS app), clicking one of the cards in View 1 expands a row from Base Table (“Base Table” displayed in gray at the top, and the pagination controls say “1 of 10” and let you navigate to items you shouldn’t be able to see).

I think in mobile views, cards should still expand as rows of the view table, not the base table.


Hey Nick - good catch here. And thanks for the thorough explanation! This does indeed seem like a bug, so I’ll report this to our engineering team now. Hopefully we can get this resolved soon :+1:

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Bug fixed! Thanks Coda team!