Change table view (on phone)

You can ‘expand’ tables by clicking on the little light blue grid button so that your full page is being filled with the table, showing rows and collums, rather then the card like standard view (I am not sure what these two views are called, but I am sure you get the point.

Is it possible to make your own button to do the same?

There is more than one purpose: you can make a collection of buttons that expand different tables, so you don’t have to locatie this table first. It is also possible to give the button a proper label that eplains what is going to happen. And last - the light blue grid icon is a bit small for some fingers.

Thanks in advance for your reply,

Dear @joost_mineur,

I don’t have much to add, but it’s an interesting subject, there is still a lot of space to improve the mobile experience.

Although I have not the know how what’s necessary to make it possible, but:

  • What if we could create in a doc, a page (or more) that will be dedicated for mobile view, by having adapted lay-outs for this purpose

Maybe a good idea to place this post under “suggestions”.