Viewing tables and other items in android

Good morning,

We are implementing a coda doc for use by a group of people and as is common with this type of project, the more users, the more ‘issues’ are encountered. Some can be solved with training, others are a bit more difficult. Our users use a phone (IOS of android) or tablet (android) to access our doc.

The following are things we would like to see addressed in the future and they are specific to the mobile users, on the PC it is a bit different.

  1. Table view: when opening a doc you will always see the table in a vertical stacked card style within your doc. When clicking on the little grid icon you get a row based table. We would really for the user to see this row based display right away (for some tables). Perhaps it could be a table option if a table is the only item in a section to do so.
  2. When going to the row view, the table displays the first set of records, rather then the full table. To see more records you have to scroll down and hit a button to do so. Sometimes more than once. I can see the user for this, but not always (we have tables with up to 60 rows and we need to get then in the display right away). I would like to see a table option to always show the full table. We (designers) can decide it it is worth the extra load time (or display space).
  3. We have some buttons in the rows to perform some actions on the row - the row is chosen based on the value in the first column (usually a name). Some users have a hard time reading it on their phone, especially outdoors (the buttons are fine). We really need to have a way to set the font characteristic (for the column or for the table), like size, weight and color. It can be done a little bit by conditional formatting, but that is not the way to go and to limited.
  4. the default table display on mobile (the aforementioned stacked cards type display) really need full custom formatting, where in particular the fields and their location (left, center, right) can be designed, rather than messing around with the column sequence and hope for the best.

Having said all this - for a basically non-coding environment we are getting a lot done with less effort than in other environments.

Thanks for what we have gotten so far, looking forward to new things to come.