How can I force Coda on Mobile to use a more compact view (the default is HUGE, wastes a lot of space)?

My clients try to access their documents on their smart phones, but they are not designed for that yet.

On the PC the tables look great, and the rows are compact, so that LOTS lines fit on the page.


On their mobile screen, the default is some kind of CARD view with LARGE rows.
So that very few items fit on the screen!

I thought I read (or saw in a Coda video) that the mobile app will use the table view in certain circumstances.
But I cant figure it out.

Is there a way to get more rows per screen on Android and iPhone?


Hey @Xyzor_Max ,

The solution in this thread might help you: Table or card-type view

Greetings, Joost

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thank you @joost_mineur,

with this info i can create specific mobile pages my clients can use and still get the table format