Is it possible to force desktop view for shared docs?

I’m preparing a document which has a work roster in it - essentially a table grouped by week showing who is allocated to what shift every day. The document looks fine on desktop but on mobile it’s just a complete unreadable mess. Unfortunately a lot of the people who would be using this proposed doc would be accessing it from mobile. Is there any way to force a shared Coda doc to be presented in desktop mode, even if viewed from mobile?

(I realise you can force mobile browsers to do this for individual pages but that’s hardly a user-friendly workflow)

Hey @Andrew_Simpson! Jen here from the Coda support team. That’s a great question. We do have one workaround that could be an option for you here. It essentially just switches the mobile view from a card views, which it is now, to more of a table view. This can understandably still be hard to view on mobile as a table. Hoping it helps a bit.

Here’s what you do; make another column that you can hide your display column. Once you do that and hide it, your table will show up differently. Here’s what these two look like on my mobile.

Table view with the hack:

Original card view on mobile:

Here’s a video of what I did:

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