Option to display full tables on android

Hello Codans,

Today I had to check and mark some 120 rows in a table (the table is longer, but this is the filtered selection. A checkbox is used for marking checked items. The items are checked in random order - they table is sorted. The items are easy to find by scrolling up or down, but there is a real problem with the way this works on android.

The table only shows the first x rows (I think x is 30). To see more rows you have to hit a button " show next 30 rows". So far so good, but once you hit a checkbox (or change anyhing else or hit a button) the table is redisplayed on your screen and only shows the first x rows again. After checking some 20 or so items that are not at the top of your list, this becomes really annoying. I understand this is an optimization, but I should be the one to decide if I want this optimization.

So please, give makers an option to display the complete selection of larger (filtered) tables. I run into this situation with many of my " apps", regardless of displaying as a table or as “cards” (which should also haven an optional setting to configure how it renders on mobile, because it is very hard to control how your tables show on your mobile display.

I also understand I can filter on checked items and sort a bit differently, but that is not always a very practical option.

Thank you,
Greetings, Joost

There are so many things in the iPhone and Android app that needs to be improved that we need a complete makeover.
We definitely need options to customize for mobile.
It would be a game changer.

Actually - al lot works amazingly well. A complete makeover might ruin a lot of carefully crafted layouts. So yes to improvements and additional options, but not a complete makeover (as far as I am concerned), Unless a complete makeover would be optional on a page by page basis, then I am all for it. But I can’t afford my current apps to breakdown.

A few things that bother me most are:

  1. Even if you have an one row table, you can’t directly edit it. We have to click it twice to be able to write anything in it.

  2. We don’t have control of what columns are displayed. Coda automatically chooses them for you.

  3. Calendar does’t work on mobile,

  4. And yes, the ability to show full tables would be great.

I think you should have the option to create a layout for mobile for each page and the default would be the way it is right now.

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