A way to drag cards from one table to another?

Is there a possible way to drag one card from one table to another table with exactly the same fields as demonstrated in this gif?

Nope, but fear not. You just have to model your data in a bit more of a Coda-ish way.

Coda’s strength is in having a underlying data structure (your main table with the certain set of fields you mentioned) and lots of different views of the data.

In your case, you want a single table with all your fields (Title, Author, Cover Image, etc), and then also a column for Status. Then you can make views of that table that show only books with a certain status. You can also use Grouping to get the drag & drop functionality you’re looking for.

Here’s a demo doc with a couple of options for you:

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Thanks for the reply Nick! Would you mind making the embedded document public so I and others can access it?

Oops - there you go!