Can't drag rows/cards inside column subtable in expanded row

OK once again I think I must be missing a setting or something somewhere. I have my table set up with a Status column. On the table itself, if I set it to Card view and group by that Status column, I can drag items between columns just fine and it updates the columns and all that just dandy.

But I also have another table related to the first one. So the second one is Projects, and the first one is Tasks. Projects have Tasks associated. So if I open up a project and view its Tasks in a card view, I can’t drag them between columns for some reason.

Is there a setting or something else that I’m just foolishly missing that enables or disables the ability to drag between groups?


So, it seems that you just can’t edit items inline in the popup view of a row. In the table editor for the collection, you can’t change things by dragging them around. Seems like this is the case in any view, not just Cards

Is this how it’s supposed to work? Seems like a huge shortcoming to have the ability to HAVE the nice view, in table or kanban, or whatever form, but not be able to drag and drop like you can elsewhere. The handles still show in many cases, but just don’t work, so maybe its even a bug…

Can anyone help out?

OK did even more digging. Looks like the tables I’m referring to are “subtables” where the related rows in an expanded row show up.

Also interestingly, if I MANUALLY make a subtable inside a canvas or something in the expanded view, it works fine with all the exact same settings. Just the automated one doesn’t work. Surely this has to be a bug right?

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