Top and left Swimlanes in card view


I’m sure I’m not the only who has requested this very basic and simple feature of an effective Kanban board.

Yes there are workarounds by using a control but it’s does not help when one wants to move a card across columns and rows.


Hi @Ratish_Gupta,

You can drag and drop cards between columns. If you change the view back to a table, you’ll see that all values were updated accordingly too!

Have you see this help article?

Let us know if you were referring to something else or if we can help you our further!


Yes, I can drop cards between columns but I want to move cards across rows and columns simultaneously.

I have over 250 cards and around 15 teams.


A card is a row, so if you need to change values in that card/row you do need to open it and change the values.

You can always create a view of the table and have one in table view where you can highlight a column to paste values in bulk.

If you have a sample doc you can post, we can try to help you out with it.