Value of group in the card's board

Hello is it possible to have a row on a table have its value change to the name of the group on a card’s board?

For instance i have the row ‘status’ on a table and a card board with the different ‘status’ in groups. So when the card moves inbetween the groups it should update its row ‘status’ value equal to the group title (the status).

Dont know if i made myself clear enough.
Thank you

Hi @Tiago_Godinho ,

If you have a table grouped by a status column in a Kanban format, when you move a row from one group to another the status changes automatically. Is that your question?

If you need to change another column from the same row, just create a formula to that:

if([status]=“Status Here”, {insert the changes here if true}, {insert the changes here if false})

Hope this help you

Thank you very much for your help.
Imagine if i have 2 tables. ‘Clients’ and ‘Processes’.

i made a table view for the ‘clients’ table with the board format (where the clients are cards).
The ‘Processes’ table is a normal table where i have a status column according to the client.

So whenever a client is moved around the board i wanted to update the value corresponding to this client on status column in the ‘Processes’ table.

:slight_smile: here is a simple solution (if I understood)…:slight_smile:

You can create a Relation column in Processes with Clients. Than just create a Related Column from the Client column in Processes. This way, you will always see the status when it changes in Clients.

See the Images:

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Perfect! thank you very much for the help

Following your example is there a way to when the client status changes to ‘in progress’ on the card board it automatically creates a new entry on the ‘Processes’ table with the information of the client?

Yes. There is two main options:

1 - You create an automation. See Coda material for that: Link here
2 - You can create a button to change the status. Than, you can use the method RunActions() in the button to change the status and create the new row you need. Be aware of if someone change manually using the drag and drop, it won’t work (only if you use the automation)

i think i managed to do with the automation. Thank you very much for your help

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