[Feature Request] Enable Group Pinning options for Look Up Table column

When a column is detected with a number of Coda objects from a foreign table, pinning is disabled for groupings using that target column.

Because of this, I either have an excessive amount of columns when grouping on this column, or cannot see columns for which no cards exist - preventing me from using a proper Kanban workflow.

What am I trying to achieve

I want to have a master database that has a column “Status” to indicate a task status, and multiple different views into it in card view that each only show a subset of the possible statuses in always have these columns visible if no card is in them so that the Status can be adjusted by drag and dropping cards. (Kanban / Trello behaviour)

Concrete Example: Given [ Planning, Considered, Questions, Actionable, In Progress, Reviewable, Complete], I want a card view that shows only the columns [ Actionable, In Progress, Reviewable, Complete] and does not hide these columns if there are no cards for them.

Does a work-around exist?

No - I can create a secondary column on the task table in which I filter for the target Statuses, and use a formula to map over the value from the primary Status column. However, I then lose the ability to drag cards between columns and have their Status be updated.

Reproduction steps

See this embed, or follow below instructions:

  • Create a table “Status”, and fill it with relevant status values.

  • Create a table “Task”, create a Name column, and a Lookup Table to “Status”, or formula to grab values from “Status”.
  • Create a view into Table, and group on “Status”.
  • RMB to manage the groups on the view
  • Observe that the option menu doesn’t allow pinning any groups.

I expect to be able to pin certain values in a Grouping that derives from another table, much as I can with any other value set.

Dear @GJ_Roelofs,

:bulb:In general it’s a good practice to create a dummy doc where you put the example and explain the expected outcome.

This will make it more easily to make analysis, without reproducing the doc, respecting the time of the community members

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Thanks for the tip - I’ll update the posts tomorrow morning.

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