[BUG] Issue with creating Tasks Board


I’m having a bit of trouble trying to create a trello-esque board. Whenever I move tasks to another column and the column that is being left has no tasks left, it will delete the column entirely, which isn’t what I want.

NOTE: All of these columns (groups) are pinned already, so this shouldn’t happen.

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Image for pin settings.


I’ve never used this, but it sounds like it might be what you want:

Right click on the column header > Group > Arrange and manage groups > Show all groups

I can confirm that for me that pinned groups also only work sometimes.
Refreshing the page tends to clear things up, but is obviously less than ideal.

Thanks for the suggestion!

It seems like this is an issue on Coda’s end - it seems to occur sporadically despite any settings I set to prevent it.

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Yeah, sure seems that way. Even refreshing brings its own set of issues though, which I won’t go into on this post.

Dear @mallika,

It looks like that the above needs still some attention of the engineering team :wink:


It’s definitely a regression - the board I setup several months ago which worked fine before is now having issues as well.