Bug: Pinned Card Columns Not Visible

I have a Card view of one of my tables, with groups based on a Select list. I’ve set in the table view, under “Arrange and manage groups”, for each option in that Select list to be pinned:


However, I can only see those with valid content in Card view:


This pretty much defeats the point, as I want to be able to move articles along the workflow; hopefully we’d only ever have one or two in process, so there’s unlikely to be one in each group at all times.

Based on the topic here: Display empty "states" in Card View 🤔
it seems that the functionality should behave how I would like it to, but isn’t. Hopefully I’m not just doing something wrong!

FWIW, the first time I changed the settings it appeared to work, but since closing the document and reopening it the empty groups remain hidden.


I’m facing the same problem. I somehow made it work too once, but the doc crashed after dragging cards to the “empty state” columns.

I deactivated card views in my working docs currently. I’d love to use them again soon!

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I agree, I really want to use the card view but until they fix this issue and wrap the text of the title its not very useful for most applications


Yes please, fix those cards bugs.


+1 - Please fix this. Card view is so useful !

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This bug should be fixed. Can you confirm and let me know if you are still seeing this.


Tested several different views and can’t replicate the old problem, does seem to be fixed :+1:

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@mallika this is very good if you fixed this bug.
But I have a request : it seems that there is no way to pin lookup columns. Please add this feature.

@mallika I’m also having an issue with this bug. It seems like it works and the columns stay visible for a time then they revert and go away again. I pinned the groups and they stayed visible last Thursday and Friday then when I returned to it today, Monday, they disappeared again.

I noticed if I switch the view to table, you can see that the empty columns aren’t displaying correctly there either. If I unpin and repin the groups, they appear normal again in all views.

So what I’ve found in the past is that columns will disappear if any become “empty” after having cards in them. I can’t get that behaviour to happen since the fix came in, but I’d be interested to hear whether that’s what’s happening for you or if this is something different :slight_smile: