Using formula to display Canvas and Relation columns inline in page

Is this meant to work?

Here’s an example (hopefully I’m sharing this correctly, this is my first time trying to embed a Doc in the forum)

You can see that with Project 1 selected in the dropdown, I have it set up to use an inline formula below to show the Notes field of the selected Project. And it does…kind of. But you can see I have collapsed sections in that Canvas content and I can’t seem to interact to expand them for whatever reason.

I think this may even be related to my previous bug I had discovered where you can’t drag rows/cards around in a subtable in an expanded row. It seems like when a formula is used to “embed” a more complex column like a Canvas or a Relation table, the ability to “interact” with the contents of that column is broken.

Am I just misunderstanding something? It seems like if you’re allowed to embed a Canvas column in this way, you should be able to interact with it to expand sections and do things like that, right?


Anybody have some insight on this?

Hey @Michael_Forsman,

Do you mind sharing your doc with support and then dropping the link here so our team can check it out for you?

Just to clarify, You are trying to grab and move the subtable rows inside the main Project table. Correct?

Looking forward to hearing from you :smile:

Hi @Dan_Demers ,

The dragging thing I mentioned is a separate bug that I had found and that is being addressed.

The issue I’m asking about here is, as I described, related to the Canvas columns.

If you go into the Test page in that doc, and pick, for example, the Project 1 from the dropdown, you can see that it does display the content of the Canvas column below as expected. But I can’t interact with it. Like the collapsible sections can’t be expanded.

Does this make sense? It seems like when more complex types are embedded like this, they can’t be interacted with fully in the way they normally could.

Hey Michael! Thanks for this. We’ve gone ahead and filed a bug for this so our engineers can take a look and determine if this is working as intended or not. Unfortunately we don’t have a firm ETA to share at this time, but we will update you once we hear back from them. Thanks for your patience while we investigate!

Sounds good, thanks!

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