Dynamically show the contents within a cell of a canvas column in a page

I have a table that has canvas columns.
In the Canvas Column I have formatted text

On another page, I’d like to recall the formatted text show up on the page.

I’ve tried the “@rowname” but that creates a link. What I’d like to do is pull that out. What I don’t want to do is hard-code this.


Press the equal button your keyboard while in the canvas to pull up the formula editor

Then use your @ reference to locate the row

Then chain out (with a period) the canvas column.

It would look like @row.canvasColumn

Scott, awesome. Thanks for that.

Follow Up to this.

I have two tables:

  • Meeting Notes (each row is a meeting)
  • Action Items

The two are connected via a linked relation.

I’m trying to create a list of action items that are still open.

Right now, when I add it to the canvas via an equal, it lists all the actions as a single string. Is there a way for me to show it up as a table?

Here’s a an example:

Here you go. This will get you what you need

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