Showing cell content as text (or change canvas layout)


i would like to include the text in a cell of a table (e.g. a Glossary) dynamically into a page. I know this could be done as a canvas with only that column/cell shown - but the output would be very ugly (see below).

Any advice would be much appreicated.


you could use a formula to display the cell, but it would appear as a read-only chip. type /formula anywhere to make it appear

in this example the formula is Table.First().Definition

This was super helpful. Thanks @MBB.

A follow-up question if i may: I can get the formula to show the first row using /formula Glossary.First().Definition.

How to i reference a specific row by name (e.g. term = Subsidized employment).

I believe i found the solution: Glossary.Filter(Term.contains(“Employment services (ES)”)).Definition

in the formula editor, you can type @ to refer to specific rows. so in this case, if you typed @Subsidized you would have the option to autocomplete to Subsidized employment.Definition

This unfortunatelty gives me an error (even though auto-completed)


if you use @ to refer to a specific row you don’t need to specify the table, the formula would be only Subsidized employment.Definition

Perfect! Thank you so much @MBB

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