How to acces template pages in formula

Hey guys,

I want to load different templates depending on what kind of meeting. I can’t find how to reference a page in a formula. Probably quite simple.

Screen Shot 2022-02-27 at 11.08.54 AM


You must reference a cell in a table instead…

So setup a table, eg. Templates, for your templates with 2 columns, Name and Template.

Put the type text into the Name column (which is the display column), and the corresponding page layout into the Template column (which is a Canvas column).

Then the formula for new rows in your main table becomes…


So it looks up the Templates table, finds the rows that match the Type (returns a list, even if only one match found), takes the first one from that list, and uses it’s Template canvas page as the initial value.

Let me know if this works for you.


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Excellent timing for this question since I had the exact same issue trying to figure out canvas column templates. Thanks !

EDIT: How can we make this so the template still references data in the data table? I dont seem to have parentRow options and I cant type a formula with “thisRow” or “parentRow” that captures the main table

I want a Table in my Template… and I want the table to get filtered based on an ID number in my data table… so that way I can use this as a breakout view to show details regarding the specific row.

I can get the template working… but I cant get the canvas column to actually show template table DATA, i only get the title

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